Review: Spain Restaurant

Update: Spain Restaurant no longer offers the churrascaria, but we continue to enjoy their regular offerings. Spain Restaurant is beyond compare for lunch. With several filling lunch specials at $6.95 each, it’s a great value. Given that fact, and given the fact that we had been to this restaurant for dinner before and been very […]

Food Porn: Grand Marnier Crepes

Valentine’s Day porn. The rest of the dinner was a culinary abortion (I told hubby next year to either let me cook or stick to something he does well rather than something ambitious), but this dessert more than made up for it — Crepes filled with Freshly Whipped Cream and topped with Grand Marnier mascerated […]

Food Porn: South of the Border

Tonight’s dinner was Roasted Poblano and Bell Pepper Chicken Tacos, Southwestern Rice, and Fried Plantains. The picture came out a little dark, but it’s a good composite of what I had for dinner. Not bad at all, maybe I’ll make it again. Fried plantains go well with pretty much everything.  

Food Porn: Veggie Lasagna

Yummy veggie lasagna for dinner tonight. It tasted much better than it looks in this picture – hard to believe it’s a “light” recipe. Served it with 5 Can Soup (OK, but bland – won’t ever make it again), salad and Pillsbury Garlic & Herb breadsticks. Funny, the minute I stop having anxiety attacks about […]