CSA: Week Two

In this week’s CSA box: A bunch of asparagus A bag of arugula A bag of mixed greens A bunch of radishes A pint of the best strawberries I’ve ever tasted (I dipped these in chocolate – foodgasm!!!) Will probably use the asparagus and arugula in pasta, and use the mixed greens and radishes in […]

Food Porn: Creamy Sauteed Kohlrabi

I had some kohlrabi in the fridge that I needed to use up (I had originally bought it to make a stir fry, but ended up not making the stir fry), and was in a veggie mood for lunch today, so I whipped up a really simple lunch dish: sauteed kohlrabi with cream sauce. This […]

Food Porn: CSA Pasta

I needed to find a dish that would use most of the veggies I got in this week’s CSA box, and inspired by Restaurant Widow’s 90% Local Pasta entry and something I made two weeks ago, I came up with this dish. From the CSA box, I used the asparagus, green garlic, and some of […]

Event: North Market Apron Gala

Paul and I went to the 10th Annual North Market Apron Gala on Saturday night, which is an annual fundraiser full of food, fun, and neighborhood camaraderie. I took a lot of pictures, but for some reason, my camera went a little wonky, so some of them may be a bit blurry. Bear with me. […]

Review: Spagio

We had plenty of time to kill before meeting the other two people interested in the supper club on Thursday, so we decided to head over to Grandview Avenue early, and eat dinner at Spagio. We had been there previously for brunch, but were looking forward to coming for dinner. We arrived around 6:00, and […]

Supper Club: Take One

Paul and I met on Thursday with two people that we got in contact with through the Cooking Light message boards about putting together a supper club. The meeting itself was interesting, as we were all from different backgrounds – some had previous experience with a supper club, others didn’t. The meeting seemed to go […]

Food Porn: Bourbon Short-Rib Stew

Forgive me for the extended break, I had some computer issues which took the better part of the weekend to resolve. So I’ll be posting a lot today to make up for the few days I missed. First up was something I made last week that tasted much, much better than it looks in this […]

CSA: Week One

Went to go pick up our first box in our CSA share. Not that much yet, since it’s early in the year. Here’s what we got in this week’s box: One bunch of green garlic A bag of arugula A bag of lettuce A bunch of radishes A bunch of green garlic A bunch of […]