Valentine’s Day

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I’m reposting this here from my other journal – because if this isn’t food porn, nothing is!

This past Valentine’s Day, my husband surprised me with these:

These divine chocolates are from Pure Imagination in the North Market. I go to the North Market fairly often, about once a week or so – and even though I’m trying to be good and not eat sweets, occasionally I can’t help but give in to the call of the truffles. :) And truffles they are – they definitely taste as good as they look, and the passion that Daniel puts into his work shows in the quality of the chocolate. If you are local, run don’t walk to the North Market and buy yourself some chocolate. If you’re not local, order some online. :)

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    [...] I’ve raved about Pure Imagination chocolates many times before on this blog, but I don’t every think I’ve gone into detail about *why* it’s so great. For this edition of  Food Destinations, we’re asked to talk about our favorite chocolate shop. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to talk about a place that plays a huge part in my life – I get by there at least once a week for a chocolate fix. And it’s a combination of things (location, quality of the ingredients, and the man behind the chocolate) that makes it a destination instead of just a shop. [...]

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