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We had plenty of time to kill before meeting the other two people interested in the supper club on Thursday, so we decided to head over to Grandview Avenue early, and eat dinner at Spagio. We had been there previously for brunch, but were looking forward to coming for dinner.

We arrived around 6:00, and asked to be seated on the patio so I could have better lighting for taking pictures. My husband was a bit chilly, but braved the cold for the sake of art. The wait staff was extremely attentive, as we had barely sat down before our waiter came out to check on us.

For starters, we had the appetizer-sized Thin Crust SPAGIO Pizza. It was very simple, but its simplicity was what made it good – the olive oil base on thin crunchy crust acted as an excellent delivery system for the fragrant blend of fresh tomato, garlic, and Parmesan.

Before having our entrees, both my husband and I opted to get the half-sized chopped salad, which acted as a great palate cleanser. It was extremely fresh tasting, with lots of good stuff such as eggs, tomatoes, cheese, and peppers in every bite. It was dressed with a very subtle vinaigrette, and the combination of the dressing, the cilantro, and the tortilla strips on top gave it a very Southwestern vibe.

My husband opted for the Veal Meatball Pasta with Marinara as his entree. The house-made marinara was thick but not too thick, fragrant with Italian herbs and served over a bed of rigatoni. The veal meatballs were melt in your mouth tender, with great flavor that wasn’t overpowered by the sauce. Portion size was ample, with 6 golf-ball sized meatballs in the order.

For my entree, I chose to go the comfort food route – I ordered Hungarian Goulash served over spatzle and finished with creme fraiche. Goulash has always brought back memories of my childhood, as my Oma (grandmother) would make a batch of it every week. Even though I always think her goulash will be the best ever, Spagio gives Oma’s goulash a run for her money. Tender cubes of beef that melt in your mouth and meld with the flavor of the spices take me back 30 years to sitting at Oma’s table with the chairs so high that my feet dangled in mid-air, looking at the snow outside while the goulash warmed my tummy. Chef Hubert’s spatzle are browned to perfection, adding a subtle nuttiness to the goulash.
Spagio has a great reputation, and for good reason. The service was impeccable, not too intrusive but always there to fill up an empty glass or take away our dishes at the right times. The food was cooked to perfection, and was plentiful. And the crowd in general seemed very laid back – the atmosphere of both the restaurant and Spagio Cellars next door was very welcoming and upscale without being daunting.

Spagio can be a bit on the expensive side, depending on what you are ordering – but if the rest of the food is as good as what we had, it’s worth every penny. Be sure to check their website for events, as they have regular wine tastings that are paired with food.

If you want to go, Spagio, 1295 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212. 614.486.1114

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  1. Eryn

    I just had a late lunch here a couple weekends ago, and I was pretty unimpressed. The tablecloth was filthy, and my crabcake app was spongy and Spam-like. The duck pizza was ok, althought the duck was overcooked and the crust was under-seasoned. Although the service was fairly quick, I found the staff to be very condescending (this could be due to my magenta hair and fishnet stockings, which obviously indicate I have no knowledge of”fine” dining, haha.) But that lech of an owner (Hartmut, I believe) did ogle me on my way out, so that really capped off the whole experience.

    I really enjoy your blog!

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