Supper Club: Take One

Paul and I met on Thursday with two people that we got in contact with through the Cooking Light message boards about putting together a supper club. The meeting itself was interesting, as we were all from different backgrounds – some had previous experience with a supper club, others didn’t. The meeting seemed to go well, and we all made plans to have the first supper club at the end of June. We planned to fill out the group with friends of the other two people.

A couple of days later, the first person emailed to say she was backing out because she didn’t want to take part in a co-ed club, which didn’t seem to be an issue before, but suddenly was. Today, the other person emailed to say that she too was backing out of the supper club thing. I’m feeling rejected, but am not totally giving up on the idea.

If there are any supper clubs around who wouldn’t mind having two down-to-earth, non-pretentious fatties who can cook really well and are adventurous in our eating in your group, please give us a heads up. And so there are no surprises: we’re married, mid-30’s, educated professionals who happen to live in a Maronda-built house on the southwest side (I’m thinking this was part of the problem, since the one person’s body language visibly changed when we mentioned this).

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  1. LiberalFoodie

    really really odd. We have a Cooking club here in our area, you’re more than welcome to join us- though I don’t know how stoked you’d be to drive 100 miles for cooking club. Good luck in forming one for your area.

  2. Jill Stokes

    Erick and I would love to be apart of a supper club. If you would love two new people, please get ahold of me! I'm newer to the area and he has lived here his whole life. Would love to meet new people that love good food!

    Jill Stokes

  3. Tom

    Several of my friends and I are in the early stages of starting a supper club. We are envisioning it in similar style to the west coast scene of supper clubs where there would be 10 dining experience a year open by invitation only. We are thinking the third Saturday of the month excluding November and December at an early evening hour (6:00PM) so as to leave the rest of the evening open for the members' plans.

    Members would volunteer to host an event. This could be coordinating with a great local professional chef, amateur chef or if the member likes to cook, preparing the dinner themselves.

    The goal of an event is to enlighten, educate, and entertain a group who are open to great food, drink and conversation. Locale of an event is to be as important as the food and drink. Locations might include a restaurant during a closed day, farm outside of town, closed grocery store, tent along the river, warehouse, or what ever the host can dream up. Members would pay a monthly due of $25. I would expect events to be an around $75/ member and $100/ non-member, which would include multiple courses and wines to pair – this is to be completely non-profit.

    I am also looking to spread the word so we could possibly host our first event in October 2010. Please forward this to any foodies you believe would enjoy this and have them contact me at

  4. KRM

    We currently have a dinner club that meets once a month at a local restaurant to taste new/different cuisines. We've been meeting for about 3 years now and have roughly 20 people (about 12-15 regularly attend each month). We have "guidelines" as the restaurant has to be local (no chains) and the meals need to be reasonably priced because we have a variety of members (from students to retirees). Our group is very eclectic and everyone attends whenever they can. We meet the first Wednesday of every month and we take turns choosing the restaurants. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me at

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