Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market Run

It was a rainy Saturday morning today in Columbus, so my farmer’s market travels were quite limited because I didn’t feel like trekking down High St. in the rain. So we just went to the North Market with the provision that if we didn’t find what we were looking for there, we’d head on down to Clintonville and Worthington.

Thankfully, we were in luck because I found everything I was looking for at the North Market. I got most of what I need for the week in my CSA box, but wanted some more strawberries while they’re still in season.

My first stop was at the Elizabeth Telling stand, where I picked up two pints of Ohio strawberries for $2/each. Yum yum yum. I’ll probably end up just eating these out of hand because they’re so sweet and juicy. Strawberries are one thing I never ever get tired of. If I have my way, I’ll eat my weight in them this season. I’m also going to get on her mailing list so I know about next years CSA when there are still shares available. I’m very impressed with her quality, the way she packs the shares, and especially the price. 🙂 I’ve been pleased with Just This Farm this year, but will probably try out the different CSAs in the area from year to year.

A little further down Toad Hill Farms had kohlrabi today, and dirt cheap at that – 2 for $1. I promptly picked up 6 bulbs of fresh organic Ohio grown kohlrabi for the price of three bulbs at Giant Eagle. I can’t wait to slice at saute these later this week. 🙂

Near the end, at a vendor whose name I can’t remember at the moment, I picked up some shiitake mushrooms – 5 oz for $4, which is quite reasonable. I’ll be using these in a day or so to make a ragout for papardelle.

I had plenty of everything else I saw this week, and I’m looking forward to finding new ways to cook some of the stuff I got.

I got a bunch more garlic scapes in yesterdays box. Anyone have any ideas what else I can do with these other than pesto?