Friday Round Up 9/29/06

Technically, it’s Saturday now. Blame Time Warner. Sorry for the delay… This week, Columbus Dispatch readers voted City Barbeque as the best brisket in town. I agree wholeheartedly, while admitting that my eating of beef brisket in Columbus has been rather limited. Go ahead and vote in the upcoming week on who has the best […]

Columbus Events 9/29/06 to 10/5/06

Apologies for getting this out a little late today, Roadrunner was cranky last night, so I wasn’t able to work on this until this afternoon. Tons of events this weekend, as we start the month of many festivals. This weekend is a double header, with both the Columbus Italian Festival and the German Village Oktoberfest […]

Becke’s Spontaneous Pasta

Sometimes when I’m cooking, I go into “the zone” – that whirling dervish of creativity where the results don’t always look pretty, but they sure as hell taste good. I had a bunch of stuff in the fridge that I needed to use up, so decided to throw together a concoction, tasting as I went […]

Weekend Dog Blogging #53

Weekend Dog Blogging is an event held by Cate of Sweetnicks, and here in week two, Diva and Sadie are doing pretty much what they always do – relax and lay around. Yes, my dogs are both one-trick ponies, but they’re *cute* one-trick ponies. Check out her roundup of all the dogs on Sunday night. […]

Weekend Cat Blogging #68

Since Clare is still MIA, this round of Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted by Sarah of the chefsarahjane blog. Be sure to check out her site for this weekend’s roundup. This week, we have one Frankie hanging out on top of the bench at the end of the bed, while Sammy hides underneath the […]

Friday Round Up 9/22/06

Congratulations to (sorta) local food blogger Barbara of Tigers & Strawberries on the birth of her beautiful new daughter Kat. – This week, Columbus Dispatch readers voted Giammarco’s as the best spaghetti in town. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of the place, I’ll definitely need to check them out. Now, they want your input on […]