Friday Round Up 9/8/06

Benjamin Christie offers some great advice to new bloggers or those looking to increase their visibility and traffic in his Food Blog Aggregator and Content Syndication article. Lots of good pointers and links to places to submit your food blog.

Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb brings up an interesting discussion in the article Obesity: A Product of Affluence or Poverty?. He brings up interesting points about personal responsibility for one’s weight despite their ability to afford “good” food. My take??

I’ve been poor, I’ve been rich. I’ve had to live on a grocery budget of $105/month for 3 people, and I’ve had unlimited access to buy as much food as I want. The trends I’ve noticed?? When I was poor, I was buying lots of high-fat, high carb food like spaghetti, ramen, mac and cheese, potatoes, etc. I would buy 70% lean meat. Very little meat, produce, or protein. Lots of fast food because it was cheaper to eat every other day from the dollar menu than to buy groceries and make something. Surprisingly, I didn’t gain weight during this time – ONLY because of my level of activity. Since I didn’t have a car, I’d have to walk to get groceries, or to work, or to run errands.

Now, when I’m more comfortable financially, I’m eating much better (lots of organics, free-range, produce, etc) but my weight is fluctuating up and down — all directly related to my activity level. My diet is more balanced, but I’m not losing weight. I’m also not exercising, so there you go.

So, while I do think that being poor does contribute to obesity because of the cost of better-for-you food, your activity level has way more to do with it.

My solution is probably silly. I’m thinking back to the days where people (like my grandparents) had a backyard garden and grew their own fruits and veggies. Cheap enough to start (seeds or seedlings – from my $1 tomato plant alone I must have got $30 worth of tomatoes this year), bountiful, lots of exercise tending to the garden, and the abundance can be canned/preserved for less bountiful times. For those with no backyard, community gardens can acheive the same thing. Share the work, share the bounty.

Oh, and fast food is evil and what I think is the biggest contributor to obesity. Hubs wanted something from Baja Fresh yesterday. I took one look at the nutritional info and almost had a heart attack – from what is supposedly “healthy” food. Your average Chipotle burrito has 1,000+ calories.

I’m fat, was fat when I was poor, and am fat now. And always will be until I get off my duff and exercise more and eat less.

Jeanne at Cook sister! posts a picture that gives a whole new meaning to food porn! Hee hee…

Nicky from Delicious Days gives us a rare view behind the scenes of food manufacture.

Redhotjezebel from A Variety of Fine Pickles posts about getting ready to go to the Texas State Fair this year. I *love* fair food, and unfortunately missed the Ohio State Fair this year because I was under the weather last month. Sigh. What I wouldn’t do for something on a stick or a funnel cake right now.

As a budding locavore, I read with great interest the article posted by Leah from Good Shmeats, entitled Local is the New Organic: What on Earth Am I Supposed to Eat?. Personally, that’s why I prefer buying my produce at farmer’s markets or buying into a CSA. That way, I know what I’m buying, where I’m buying it from, when it was picked, etc. And yes, there is a difference in taste between a fresh peach and a supermarket peach? Don’t believe me? Go to your farmer’s market tomorrow and buy one of the last peaches of the season. Your taste buds will thank you. ­čÖé

K├╝chenlatein posts a pic of a bratwurst of epic proportions. Lord have mercy, I really need to go to Germany next year if it kills me. I’ve never seen a brat that size in the US.

In Columbus news:

The Columbus Dispatch thinks that Rooster’s has the best wings in town, but I have to disagree. I much prefer BW3’s or Quaker Steak and Lube over Rooster’s. What about the rest of you locals? Who do you think has the best wings in town??

The Dispatch also wants you to vote on who has the best meatloaf in town. Cast your vote by September 11th and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate. Personally, I’m crazy about the Cap City Fine Diner meatloaf, so much so that I’ve dug up the recipe and make it regularly at home, but then again, I’ve never had the meatloaf from any of the other choices.

Until next week, folks…

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  1. kelly

    i agree…rooster’s wings are not all that great. hands down quaker steak has the best wings, better than bw3. the louisiana lickers is THE best sauce.

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