Weekend Cat Blogging #68

Since Clare is still MIA, this round of Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted by Sarah of the chefsarahjane blog. Be sure to check out her site for this weekend’s roundup.

This week, we have one Frankie hanging out on top of the bench at the end of the bed,

Frankie 9/22/06

while Sammy hides underneath the bench, unsure of what’s going on and where all the bright flashes are coming from:

Sammy 9/22/06

And as soon as I left the room with the camera, it was back to business as usual for the Terrible Twosome. 🙂

ETA: For some strange reason, I can never post comments to blogs hosted on Blogger because the visual verification and/or the sound verification shows broken links for me. Hopefully Sarah will be able to find this on trackback or someone will be kind enough to post the URL for my entry in her comments as I cannot find an email link on her page.