Weekend Dog Blogging #53

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Weekend Dog Blogging is an event held by Cate of Sweetnicks, and here in week two, Diva and Sadie are doing pretty much what they always do – relax and lay around. 🙂 Yes, my dogs are both one-trick ponies, but they’re *cute* one-trick ponies. Check out her roundup of all the dogs on Sunday night.

I finally got Diva to relax and sit still long enough to get a great picture. Here she is laying with me on the couch, with hubby snapping the picture this time.

Diva 9/22/06

Sadie, at the other end of the couch, perks up her ears as she hears something going on outside.

Sadie 9/22/06


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  1. Weekend Dog Blogging #53 | Food & Life Says:

    […] Sadie and Diva from Columbus Foodie: […]

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