Pho Bo and Banh Mi Ga from Lac Viet Market

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My husband was sweet enough to bring me home lunch today, some Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup) and Banh mi ga (Chicken Sandwich) from Lac Viet at the North Market.

Pho Bo and Banh Mi Ga

I could barely restrain myself long enough to take the picture. I’ve been craving Vietnamese food for a while.

3 Responses to “Pho Bo and Banh Mi Ga from Lac Viet Market”

  1. dirtgirl Says:

    I adore their bahn mi! the beef one is incredible. at $3 it’s the best lunch deal in columbus.

  2. Kbear919 Says:

    Search out smaller vietnamesse restaurants in columbusis you want the real deal. HINT : 1.Hamiton Rd 2. cleveland ave in Grocery Shhhhhhhh! Dont tell everyone!

  3. Daniel Shankster Says:

    I love this place, but sometimes at lunch, I just don’t have the time with the usual lines at this place. So most of the time it’s my Sunday lunchtime spot.

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