NMPG Cassoulet

I can tell summer is really over for good now because all of my plants are dying despite my best efforts. My tomato and pepper plants have been non-productive for over a month now, and now all of my other plants are starting to join them, despite my efforts at keeping them watered. I have […]

Columbus Events 10/27/06 to 11/03/06

Halloween is upon us in the upcoming week, and the Dispatch has published a list of Halloween events going on around town this week. There’s something on this list for everyone, so make your plans now. Also, be sure to check out the trick or treat times and free Halloween parties for your part of […]

Friday Roundup 10/27/06

Well, I’m back – computer problems are mostly handled (I got a new system out of the deal, but there was a ton of stuff on the old computer that I really need – food photos, my calendar, etc. – which I may or may not be able to get back, don’t know yet). We’re […]

Admin: RIP Computer

Today, my hard drive decided to eat itself. Along with it, were my calendar, food pics, and a bunch of other stuff. I sort of knew this would happen eventually when I was stupid enough to buy a computer with with a Western Digital Cadaver hard drive, but unfortunately, it didn’t act up or give […]

8 Foods I Won’t Give Up Meme

On Slashfood, Bob Sassone recently submitted a post listing 8 foods he wouldn’t give up, no matter what. Inspired by his post, I give you the 8 Foods I Won’t Give Up Meme: 1. Cheese This is at the top of my list. I love cheese. Sharp cheese, mild cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese, stinky […]

Columbus Events 10/21/06 to 10/27/06

On Saturday (the 21st), starting at 10am, the Ohio Herb Education Center at 109 Johnstown Rd. in Gahanna will be holding it’s Herb Harvest Day. “Learn about the many uses for herbs and how to cultivate them at this annual free fall celebration. Sample a variety of herb-infused dishes, teas and desserts.”. Call 614.428.9255 or […]

Friday Round Up 10/20/06

So here we are, a day late and a dollar short. It’s been a hectic week that got thrown off-track by a job interview yesterday afternoon, and my timing is suffering this week. My apologies ahead of time for getting this Friday roundup out on Saturday morning. – Attention, Columbus bloggers: some started a Columbus […]

Food Bloggers Geography #1: Southern Style

My Husband Cooks is hosting their first food blog event – Food Bloggers’ Geography #1: Southern Style. In this event, MHC asks us to blog about predominately “southern” food – not limited to the US south. I decided to follow my roots back to South Germany, with a dish created by my Oma who was […]

TMI Meme

Ganked from Potlikker. How do you like your eggs? scrambled How do you take your coffee/tea: not a coffee or tea drinker usually, but if I must – mocha. Favorite breakfast foods: Fruit, yogurt and granola; hard boiled eggs; bagels Peanut butter: smooth or crunchy? Smooth. Whole Foods fresh ground honey roasted peanut butter is […]