Crock Pot Poblano Chili

The leaves on the trees in my backyard are turning all different shades of yellow and red and orange, and with it has come a chill in the air. This chill is most noticeable at night, when I have to actually snuggle deep in my blankets to keep warm. With the colder weather has come my desire for typical “fall” fare, like apples, squash, etc. – and also my desire for food that warms me up.

Poblano Chili

Chili is one of those “warm you up” foods, one of those things that you rarely make in summer, but have the desire to eat as soon as it starts getting cold. My version uses beans, and poblano peppers to turn up the heat just a touch. Although the recipe calls for you to cook it in the crock pot, you can also make it on the stove if you desire – just simmer it an hour or so until the beans are tender.