Simon and Garfunkel Roast Chicken

My husband works with someone who raises free-range chickens (Andelaine Fields out of Springfield, OH), and we ordered one a while back. This has been sitting in the freezer for the past month or so so I could find a recipe that would showcase the taste of the chicken rather than overwhelm it.

Simon & Garfunkel Roast Chicken

After looking at a couple hundred recipes, I decided on a highly-recommended Recipezaar one: Simon and Garfunkel Roast Chicken, named after the song “Scarbourough Fair”, that talks about “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme”. Those four spices are the herb mix that makes up the flavor of this dish. The chicken came out moist, the flavor of the potatoes and shallots was excellent, and the gravy (although we had problems getting it to emulsify) brought out the best in both. This dish was mostly local (except for the condiments – i.e. oil, seasonings, vinegar) as the veggies were all CSA/farmers market purchases.

One thought on “Simon and Garfunkel Roast Chicken

  1. ken

    oh my, that looks fabulous!

    do you have contact information for Andelaine Fields? i live in springfield, but i’ve never heard of them and they don’t seem to be online or in the phone book. i’ve been wanting to find a local chicken source.


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