Monthly Mingle #5 – Take Two


The Monthly Mingle event, hosted by What’s For Lunch Honey?, challenges us this month to take two ingredients, zucchini and sage, and come up with something delicious. Well, I can say that I tried.

Zucchini Salvia

It goes without saying that zucchini and sage aren’t two ingredients that I personally think would go well together. I see zucchini and most of the time I just saute it in some butter or olive oil and toss it with some garlic, salt and pepper. Sage? Isn’t that the stuff you put in stuffing?? I’ve been known to stuff zucchini before, but for some reason that just didn’t sound appetizing for me.

Being at a loss, I decided to consult the internet. Because any recipe from a professional on the Internet *has* to be good, right?? The Potato Pancake Wedges with Zucchini and Sage sounded tempting, but I didn’t have anything planned on the menu that this would go with. The Zucchini Saltimbocca sounded really good, but was too much work. So I decided to keep it simple. I went for Zucchini con Salvia. Sage, zucchini, butter, salt and pepper. What could be simpler? It even sounded kind of like my normal way of preparing it. Why not? I couldn’t lose, right??

Wrong. Because prepared according to the recipe, it was nasty. Beyond nasty. Maybe it’s just like some people with cilantro hate – the combination of zucchini and sage was just…yuck. I tried to doctor it with my garlic infused sea salt, but…I ended up eating about a half of a cup or so. The rest is sitting in the fridge, and probably will be hitting the trash can later. And I won’t feel guilty when it does.

Hey, not everything can be delicious, and I’m more than willing to feature even my mistakes. Just because something looks good, doesn’t always mean that it tastes good.

I’m very curious to see the roundup, to see if anyone managed to get anything that tastes good out of these two ingredients.

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