Food Bloggers Geography #1: Southern Style

My Husband Cooks is hosting their first food blog event – Food Bloggers’ Geography #1: Southern Style. In this event, MHC asks us to blog about predominately “southern” food – not limited to the US south.

I decided to follow my roots back to South Germany, with a dish created by my Oma who was from the Hesse region of Germany (right next door to Bavaria). This is a hearty 30-minute or less dish that is sure to please even the pickiest eater. Definitely not a diet food, but pure heaven on the plate. I think of it as Germany’s answer to spaghetti carbonara.

Spaetzle mit Speck und Eier

Spaetzle mit Speck und Eier (Noodles with Bacon and Eggs)

8 oz. dry spaetzle (or make your own
6 eggs, beaten well
2 tbsp. butter
1/2 lb. double smoked bacon (Schaller & Weber), coarsely diced

Prepare spatzele according to package instructions. Meanwhile, saute bacon until some fat is rendered and bacon is browned and mostly crisp. Add butter, allow to melt until entire content of pan is sizzling. Add cooked and drained spaetzle, mix well with bacon/butter mixture until all spaetzle is well coated and bacon is well distributed. Keep frying until surface of spaetzle is hot enough to cook egg. Pour in egg, and stir often until eggs are completely set.

4 thoughts on “Food Bloggers Geography #1: Southern Style

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  2. Wife

    It looks delicious and decadent! I’ve made spaghetti carbonara before… but this looks even tastier. Can you have too much butter and bacon fat? And aren’t the noodles just designed to soak it up, anyway?

    Thanks for this submission! I’ll definitely try it one night when my husband yields the spatula. After all, he does love breakfast for dinner.

  3. Kevin

    I found your recipe via the myhusbandcooks southern style food event. I tried it last night and it was wonderful!!! I substituted applewood smoked bacon and added mushrooms. It really seemed to be a German version of migas (w/bacon added) to me. Next time I’m going to spice it like migas, I’ll just use spaetzle instead of corn tortillas and add in some onion and tomato.

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

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