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On Slashfood, Bob Sassone recently submitted a post listing 8 foods he wouldn’t give up, no matter what. Inspired by his post, I give you the 8 Foods I Won’t Give Up Meme:

1. Cheese
This is at the top of my list. I love cheese. Sharp cheese, mild cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese, stinky cheese (not too hot on mold-veined cheeses, though). I love, love, love to taste something new every time I’m at the cheese shop or at Whole Foods (who has an EXCELLENT selection of cheese, btw – and won’t hesitate to cut the cheese exactly to your specifications). I’d sooner die than give up cheese. If there were such a thing as an all-cheese diet, I’d be so there.

2. Chocolate
Now that I’ve had truly good chocolate, there’s no going back. There’s just something about chocolate, it’s almost like a drug because no matter how crappy you feel, it instantly makes you feel happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if my chocolate purchases this year have paid for my chocolatier’s vacation. ;)

3. Meat
I’d be hopeless as a vegetarian. I just love meat too much.  There’s just nothing else like a thick, juicy burger or a huge, well marbled tender steak. I can understand ethical objections against eating meat, and I do my part by supporting local farmers who have all-natural, hormone free, grass fed organic, free range etc. And I’d be willing to slaughter my own if I had to. Still, nope, no way, not giving up meat. Saturated fat be damned.

4. Full Fat Grocery Items
I’m sorry, on some things, there just is no reasonable substitute. Mayo, sour cream, butter, cheese – you must all come to me in your natural forms, none of this reduced fat abomination.

5. Fresh Fruit
Freezing does bad, bad things to strawberries, raspberries, etc. No thanks, I’ll just wait until you’re back in season again.

6. Carbs
Any diet that tells me that having an extra cup of spinach is bad, bad, bad is not for me. I’ll compromise and try to eat more good carbs (fiber-rich foods, whole grains, etc) but give them up altogether? No way.

7. Bacon
Particularly Schaller & Weber double smoked bacon, which just makes *everything* taste better. Death on a plate, yes – but the foundation of many of my dishes. I couldn’t live without it.

8. Alcohol
Because let’s admit it, sometimes there’s just nothing else like a good cocktail. I’m no lush, but giving up booze completely would be a buzzkill.

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3 Responses to “8 Foods I Won’t Give Up Meme”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I could pretty much just copy this list, although I do see a purpose for frozen raspberries in baking.

    I was unaware that they even MADE reduced fat butter. Something is deeply wrong with this world.

  2. Morocco Time » Meme from Columbus Foodie Says:

    [...] I read a great blog written by a local “Columbus-ite,” and she just posted a meme about the 8 foods she won’t give up, originally found on Slashfood. Here are mine, and I longed for them every day in Morocco. Mountain Dew – ok, not a food, but nectar of the gods nonetheless. Butter – properly salted, preferably sea salt, mmm. Cheese – Except for blue cheese – I had it once on a flight to France, and could never eat it again. But manchego, or sharp cheddar, oh joy. Indian food – Fine, not a single ingredient food, but I could live on Indian food and never tire of it. Sushi – The best sushi I ever had was in Rabat, isn’t that crazy? Fried Potatoes – Especially when my Dad makes them. You practically have to stab my hand with a fork to get any for yourself. Crab Legs – I once ate so many for an “All-You-Can-Eat” crab leg special, that the manager had to come out to tell me that they ran out, and he comped my meal and those of my 3 friends. Woo! No, the friends weren’t helping me eat them. Chocolate – I like Hershey’s chocolate, being so close to PA and all. Strong Irish Tea – Don’t speak to me before 10am unless I’ve had a cuppa. [...]

  3. Columbusor Says:

    Agree on bacon wholeheartedly. IMO, the best bacon in Columbus is from the Bluescreek Farm stand in the North Market — not only is it delicious, but its organic and locally produced.

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