Admin: RIP Computer

Today, my hard drive decided to eat itself. Along with it, were my calendar, food pics, and a bunch of other stuff. I sort of knew this would happen eventually when I was stupid enough to buy a computer with with a Western Digital Cadaver hard drive, but unfortunately, it didn’t act up or give me any warning that anything was wrong until it was far too late – now it doesn’t even see itself.

I’m coming to you now from my laptop, after fighting for a couple of hours to reset my password (since it ate my stored passwords and cookies too), so it may take me a day or two to get back into the swing of things, because I’ll be setting up the computer that I’m going out to buy with money I can’t really afford to spend at the moment, which thankfully, doesn’t have a Western Digital hard drive.

So the lesson for the day, folks, is twofold. #1 Always back up anything you can’t afford to lose and #2 Never buy Western Digital, because no matter how pretty the computer is, eventually your hard drive WILL fail.

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