Pick a Chef: Weinkraut

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I finally got around to making the last recipe that I needed to for the Recipezaar Pick-a-Chef event that I participated in last month. Since I wasn’t in the mood for soup, I substituted Cynna’s recipe for Weinkraut.


The taste was pretty good – the recipe made, as is, had far too much celery seed – if I make it again, I’ll cut the amount back by at least half. We served it with some Weisswurst and Bockwurst that we got from Whole Foods, over mashed potatoes.

I still think I prefer my kraut straight up, though. — Rosie, you won the 1 Year/100th Post drawing. Drop me an email with your address so I can get it in the mail for you, or we can get together so I can drop it off to you. Congrats! I really think you’ll like it.

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