Weekend Cookbook Challenge #10 – Neglected Gadgets

In this round of the Weekend Cookbook Challenge, we’re asked to cook a recipe with a kitchen gadget or appliance that I rarely use.

Rice Cooker

In my case, that appliance is my rice cooker. I’ve had it a couple of years now – it was purchased because my rice never comes out well when I make it on the stovetop or in the vegetable steamer I have. I got a great deal on it through Amazon.com, but unfortunately I haven’t used it nearly enough to come anywhere close to recouping the cost. I guess I just haven’t been eating much rice lately. I’m usually more prone to making pasta or potatoes, and the rice-making is usually reserved for the few times a year I make fried rice or something else Asian.

Bourbon Chicken over Rice

So browsing through Recipezaar, I came across a recipe for Golden Corral Bourbon Chicken, which I like. I noticed two things about the recipe, which means I probably won’t use it again. First, WAY too much bourbon. It would probably be good with half as much. Second, be sure to use chicken thighs instead of chicken breast, because it dried out like nobody’s business. Next time around, I’ll probably use this recipe, which seems to be very highly rated.
Any of you have a recipe for bourbon chicken that tastes like the stuff in the mall food court??

Be sure to check out the Weekend Cookbook Challenge site for a round-up of other entries after November 3rd.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Cookbook Challenge #10 – Neglected Gadgets

  1. Joseph

    Not quite bourbon chicken, but you should try Trader Joe’s orange Chicken if you want the texture and fat/lean ratio you get at the food court or a good west coast take out place. Sometimes I just cook the chicken, omitting the sauce, and make my own bourbon sauce.

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  3. chris

    I make this great dish at my place and my customers love it…heres the secret…use vanilla extract instead of actual bourbon.

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