Retro Recipe Challenge 4: Fall Favorites

This month’s Retro Recipe Challenge asks us to find a recipe published between 1920 and 1980 that brings to mind the fall season.

The one thing that brings home to me that fall has arrived is seeing apples left and right at the farmer’s markets. Forget Labor Day, the true beginning of fall is marked by the first weekend that you can purchase apple cider. Squash, of course, comes much later. Apples are definitely the deliniation between summer and fall.

With that in mind, I set off in search of an apple recipe – my collection of vintage cookbooks is rather limited – most have been acquired in thrift stores. I finally found one that sounded appetizing in a 1972 edition of Family Circle’s Illustrated Library of Cooking – Volume 7 Des-Eas.


This recipe for Autumn Apple Squares is supposed to be a bar recipe, but it didn’t turn out that way – I’d describe it as more of a cross between a cobbler and a chutney, actually. It had more apples than breading – I’m not one to experiment with baking recipe (knowing that changing too much can spell disaster), but maybe next time I’d try using half the amount of apples. Either way, it was great served warm with a scoop of Haagen Daaz vanilla ice cream.


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