Cleveland Edition: Babushka’s Kitchen

Well, the trip to Cleveland was rather uneventful – a long drive, of course, but well worth it for the opportunity to see the concert. On the way up, we took a slight detour, about 30 minutes southeast of Cleveland, to visit a place that we had meant to stop at on our last visit, but were unable to beause of the limited hours.

Babushka’s Kitchen, located in Northfield Center, Ohio, is what can best be described as a hole in the wall. But, like most holes in the wall, they have absolutely amazing food. It’s located in a little shop hidden among the trees on a lesser-traveled highway, and a little hard to find because it’s off the beaten path a bit. Luckily, the navigation system in our car took us right the front door – I don’t think we would have found it easily otherwise.

We arrived in the late afternoon, around five – and the dinner crowd hadn’t quite descended yet. This resulted in a blessedly short line, and gave us a minute or two to scan the wall to the left when we came in, where the menu was posted along with that day’s flavor of pierogies. Prices were fairly reasonable, considering the amount of labor that goes into most of these dishes.


The food is traditional Polish fare, reflecting the cultural background of the owners and much of the Cleveland area in general, featuring dishes like golombki, halushka, pierogies, and the like. We placed our order at the counter, and picked out a table to wait for the goodies.

Hunter's Feast @ Babushka's Kitchen

I chose the Hunter’s Feast ($12.99), a huge platter that had a little bit of everything: golombki (stuffed cabbage), kielbasa, sauerkraut and dumplings, kielbasa, pierogi with onion, roast pork, and I chose halushka (cabbage with buttered noodles) and mashed potatoes as my sides. This is definitely comfort food at its finest – the food was fantastic.
Chicken Paprikash @ Babushka's Kitchen

My husband chose the Chicken Paprikash ($9.99) with homemade dumplings ($1.00 extra), with green beans and bacon. While not as heavily seasoned our own chicken paprikash, it was very good – creamy, nice texture to the dumplings, etc.

In addition, he also decided to order a single potato pancake ($1.99)

Potato Pancake @ Babushka's Kitchen

and a pierogie with onions ($2.50) a la carte, in order to give them a try. Excellent pierogies – the dough didn’t overwhelm, the insides were flavorful, and the onions were an excellent complement to the browned pierogie.

Pierogie @ Babushka's Kitchen

For dessert, we shared a plate of kolachky (.60 each or $3.50 for 6) – soft, buttery, sweet and all around excellent. I really wish we had picked some up “to go”. 


All around, excellent Polish comfort food, and it made up for us not being able to make a stop at the Pierogie Palace at the West Side Market. Definitely worth a side trip whenever we’re in the area, since we’re sorely lacking in the Polish food department in Columbus (with the exception of Khrystina’s, of course).

If you’d like to go: Babushka’s Kitchen, 9199 Olde Eight Rd, Northfield Center, OH 44067 – 330.468.0402

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10 thoughts on “Cleveland Edition: Babushka’s Kitchen

  1. breadchick

    OH MAN! The next time business takes me to Cleveland, I am taking the rental car for a little sight seeing trip to Babushka’s Kitchen. I’m salivating looking at the wonderful pictures and zoomed into the menu.

  2. Cleveland workaholic

    I haven’t eaten there yet, but I only live a couple miles away and will soon. I actually found your site while doing a search for Babushka’s Kitchen. Really enjoy your blog.

  3. Jacky Bennett

    I was so excited to see this blog. I live here in Columbus and this is my parents restaurant. I have told them for years we need to open a
    Babushka’s 2 in Columbus. You may have just gave them the push that is needed. Your pictures are fantastic. They really replicate the food at its finest. It is so fun to see people comment on my parents food. It is all true. These items were part of the Sunday dinners I grew up with!! Babushka’s mean grandma and since I have the only grandchild to them I am pretty sure I could score some more Kolachky’s……..They are my 19 month olds favorite…..mine too.

    Jacky Bennett (maiden name Abramowski)

  4. Mary Penney

    My family and I ate at Babushka’s Kitchen a few weeks ago after my son’s basketball game. We were going back to Silver Lake and out of the corner of my eye I saw the sign. I told my husband to turn the car around. I am from the coal mining region in Eastern Pennsylvania and have a polish mother. The only time I could get these traditional polish foods was when I went home to visit. The food was fantastic. My kids loved it. The perogie was wonderful, the noodles and cabbage were actually better that my mother’s (sorry mom) and the cucumber salad was just as my grandmother had made it! I am making a road trip to Babushka’s today to get some takeout.

  5. swampkitty05 Post author

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Mary. I’ve been wanting to go back for a while now, but we don’t get up to Cleveland that often. Whereabouts from Eastern PA are you? My husband grew up in Allentown.

  6. Ewa

    We need a Polish restaurant in Columbus, I am from Hamtramk adn the only time we get to enjoy good food is at Christmas and Easter when we make it! Please come to Columbus!!!!

  7. David Abramowski

    The pierogi is out of the bag! Yes Babushka's Kitchen (from Cleveland) is opening a restaurant in Clintonville in the location of the old Scottie Macbeans. Visit the website for info and to get the inside scoop from the enewsletter.

  8. David Abramowski

    Thanks to all the great feedback from the people of Columbus – we have decided to open a copy of our Babushka's Kitchen Polish Restaurant in Clintonville. Yes that's right. A quick service Polish cafe is on it's way! It will be run by members of the family who have lived in Columbus for nearly a decade. No details yet on opening dates but we can say that the lease is signed and the preparations are underway! swampkitty05 should contact me so that you can get the inside scoop for your readers.

  9. Valerie

    Babushkas is GREAT! The BEST Chicken Paprakash I have ever had! Yet it is kinda pricey but worth every penny and the portions are amazing! I try to go there at least once a month! If there was a location in Streetsboro Id probably eat there once a week or more!

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