Best. Snack. Ever.

One of the blessings of the past few days is that while sampling cheeses the other day at Whole Foods, I managed to discover the best snack ever – brie w/ cranberry mango pepper jelly:

Now, mind you – I’m not usually a huge fan of brie, at least not by itself. I don’t mind it if it’s part of another dish, or the cheese in a hot sandwich. But all by itself? I usually find the rind too salty, and not enough yummy innards to justify buying a wheel of cheese just to throw away the rind. But for some reason, this cheese is different. Hopefully this picture will give you enough information to be able to source it locally. It’s reasonably priced, with a 2.2 lb. wheel costing $13.99, and the smaller wheel costing much less. I found it locally at Whole Foods.

Now, they had samples out, and the jelly that it was covered in was absolutely divine – sweet with a little bit of heat, and paired with the cheese perfectly. I’m planning on going back to stock up on it, as I’m sure it’s a seasonal item and I’m already half way through the jar I got the other day. If you go to Whole Foods to get the cheese, the jelly is in the same display with the cheese.

And Trader Joe’s crostini is the perfect delivery vehicle for the cheese.

Not only is it an excellent choice for home snacking, but also great as the centerpiece of a cheese plate and it’s portable enough to bring to an office potluck, party, or family gathering.

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  1. aardvarknav

    I’ve never been enthused with Brie, but I had almost the same thing at Whole Foods last year – Brie with Cranberry Chutney. It was excellent. I’ve had it several times since then, but have been making my own cranberry chutney. The chutney also works well with chicken and pork.

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