A Couple of Things

First, looks like almost everyone has a previous engagement on December 16th, with the upcoming holidays and all. I’m thinking of rescheduling the potluck to the 30th (after the holiday rush is over). Does this work better for everyone? Let me know.

Second, it looks like Lisa, Rosie, I and another blogger got a mention in Jeni‘s article in the North Market newsletter. šŸ™‚ VERY nice article, thank you Jeni (I didn’t know you were a visitor – I *love* your ice cream and would love to do a feature on it sometime – let me know…).

Speaking of the North Market, we were there for lunch today, and I was amazed to find that there were still fruits and veggies to be had at the farmer’s market! I bought some rutabaga and some potatoes that will go into a very niceĀ roast later this week. I’m already looking forward to spring!

I need to start my Christmas baking soon. Anyone have any links to some really good Christmas cookie recipes that they’d like to share?

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