Macky Cheese

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Sometimes, when you’re feeling under the weather, NOTHING really tastes good. You don’t even want to go near decent food, bland and comforting is the name of the game. And at those times, when you’re in the need of comfort, nothing hits the spot like macaroni and cheese right out of the box.

Macky Cheese

Not just any macky cheese (I say macky cheese to differentiate this stuff from macaroni and cheese, which has honest to goodness cheese in it, not powder), mind you. It MUST be Kraft, and it must be Three Cheese (since the original flavor tastes like cauliflower, blech). You really have to be in the mood to eat this stuff – but when you are, there is no substitute.

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  1. Jule Says:

    I actually have bought the organic White Cheddar Mac ‘N Cheese from Trader Joe’s, and I think it’s pretty darn good! My boyfriend does prefer the original Kraft. I also enjoy ketchup all over my Mac ‘N Cheese. How gross does that sound? I swear, it’s good. But, as you said, every once in awhile, when you are in the mood, there is nothing like it.

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  4. JoseEnalp Says:

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  5. Richimmexy Says:

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  6. EdwaWromy Says:

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  7. BrenFoero Says:

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  8. RafaAdaddy Says:

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  9. RobeInjema Says:

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  10. Willkile Says:

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