Blogging by Mail: Holiday Edition

In the middle of wrapping presents this afternoon, the doorbell rang. I was expecting it to be one of the many presents I ordered for others online this year, but was happily surprised to see that it was a Blogging By Mail package from Chrispy of Experimentation of Taste. Let me tell you, that box was HEAVY. I dashed about trying to find something I could use to open it, sat down at the sofa, and proceeded to tear it open like a kid on Christmas morning!


She wrote me a lovely letter describing everything inside – tons of homemade and local to her goodies, along with some treats for the dogs and Burts Bees and local soap. I feel so spoiled! There was too much stuff in there for one picture, so I’m going to have to break it down into two pictures.

Blogging by Mail

Among the homemade stuff, there’s some things she canned this year – strawberry rhubarb jam (one of my favorites!), quince jam (I’ve never had it, but I’m excited to try it!), and mild fiesta salsa (glad it’s mild, I have a low tolerance for pain, LOL!), a couple of food sections from her local paper, quince cheese (not sure what this is, will have to look it up on her site! – either way, looking forward to trying it!), and what I think are homemade butter pecan cookies (the letter didn’t say, but she posted about making these recently, and these smell very pecan-like). The taste test will tell me for sure. 😉

Blogging by Mail

The rest of the box had mostly local items to her – a few bars of chocolate, locally made soap, some treats for the dogs (I gave one to Diva, who snarfed it down approvingly, and Sadie buried hers in her blanket for later consumption), bread mix, burts bees. So much wonderful stuff! Thank you, Chrispy, for the thoughtful package!

I had an excellent time with Blogging by Mail, and hope to participate next time. I was also glad to see that Aarika received the package I sent her, I was getting worried that it hadn’t arrived. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blogging by Mail: Holiday Edition

  1. chrispy

    Glad you loved it. The quince cheese will hopefully be up this week. I made it two weeks ago but have been too out of it to post. Hopefully I find time to post, but if I don’t it is a paste of sorts that has a two year shelf life. The cheese is to be eaten with a cheese platter. So if that was in the works for the holidays, throw this on.

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