January Centerpiece of the Month

One of the food blogging events that I’m just becoming aware of is the Centerpiece of the Month event, hosted by Janelle of talkoftomatoes.com. This has actually been my centerpiece for a while – my decorating style is primarily Tuscan/traditional, and I like the flowers because they bring some softness to all that iron and […]

“Two Meals in One” Bolognese Sauce

Like I said, this month has been all about the convenience factor for me. I’ve been too under the weather to do any major cooking, so even my attempts at home were semi-homemade at best. Case in point, this lasagna: I doctored up some jarred Ragu to make the Bolognese sauce, and used egg pasta […]

Sugo di Carne

I’m slowly trying to get caught up on cataloging what I ate in January, and this is the first of what I hope will be quite a few posts over the next few days. One of my Godsends in January was already prepared (and easy-to-prepare) food. There’s nothing more convenient than getting the husband to […]

Friday Roundup 1/26/07

Sorry about the amount of time it’s been since my last post. With the health problems I have, I never know when my condition is going to flare up – when it does, I barely have enough energy to function, let alone cook or go out or even think about eating. I’ve been eating a […]

Friday Roundup 1/5/07

Short week for me because I posted a roundup so recently – but still lots of good posts in the few days since then. – Last week, Dispatch readers voted the Cheesecake Factory as the best dessert in town – while I agree that they have excellent cheesecake, I would have gone with Pistachio myself. […]