Valentine’s Pudding

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Finally, a Valentine’s Day that didn’t end in disaster (as long as you don’t count the flower fiasco this year – don’t ask, you *really* don’t want to know, LOL). Most of the meal was pretty simple, repeats of things we have made before, but the dessert was new, and I wouldn’t really recommend the recipe quite yet, because it has some flaws – I’ll post it when I work out the lumps, so to speak (it came out lumpy but still tasted great – I think the original recipe calls for too much cornstarch).


This pic was taken with my new camera, a much more compact 10 MP (I bought the Pentax Optio A20) with a macro setting that actually works. Yay to better pictures. Yay to sweet husbands who know the way to a foodies’ heart.


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  1. Brilynn Says:

    I need a new camera! But I just bought a blender, so the camera will have to wait… Great pic!

  2. Freya Says:

    Looks wonderful! Hope you had a lovely day!

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