Housekeeping Notes

Just a few housekeeping notes from your far-too-absent management:

  • Sorry about the lack of updates over the past couple of months. There’s just something about winter that depresses me, and makes me not want to do anything, let alone cooking. I think I just really miss the fresh local produce and farmer’s markets, and the mealy out-of-season tomatoes and lack of inspiration is giving me the blues. But with early spring comes ramps! And I’m inspired by ramps! So hopefully there will be a turn-around soon. I’ve got a few posts waiting in the wings, so look for some more new stuff over the next couple of days.
  • The Friday roundup will now become the monthly roundup, due to my lack of posting it on the right day of the week and there not being enough content to support a weekly post. So expect the next one on the 28th, and then on the last day of the month thereafter. If anything comes up that’s pressing, or time-sensitive, I’ll just do a separate post about that thing.
  • There should be more restaurant reviews, now that I’ve got a more portable camera. I’m aiming for one a week. Any suggestions on where I should go next?
  • I’m in the process of updating the pages on this site (events, contests, menus), so look for new content this week.

All in all, thanks for being so patient with me. I’m going to try hard to post more often next month!