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I have found nirvana. I bellyache on here all the time about how much I miss Philly cheesesteaks, and how anything we can find in Columbus absolutely pales in comparison to the real thing. Well, folks, we’ve had the real deal here in Central Ohio for over a year now, and I didn’t even know about it!


Benny’s Cheesesteaks is in the former Roly Poly space in the Perimeter shopping center (the one with the Kroger’s in it). The space is much larger than it used to be, and brightly decorated.

But most importantly – they have *authentic* Philly cheesesteaks, with the top round and Amoroso’s rolls shipped in from South Philly. Both my husband and I ordered the Original Cheese Steak ($3.99 for a 7″), made with grilled onions and “wid wiz” (with Cheese Whiz) instead of real cheese, just like I used to get at Jim’s. One bite told me that this was the real thing – the roll was crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and didn’t overpower the meat, the thinly sliced top round had the right “bite” that you don’t get with pressed meat steaks, the onions were cooked and seasoned just right into the steak itself, and the Cheese Whiz added just the right amount of saltiness and cheese flavor to the whole thing. Oh, yeah!

The owner, a Philly-area transplant himself, has been doing this for about 15 years now, so he’s definitely got that Philly street cred because he, like I, knows what makes a Philly steak unique. Since I’ve moved to Ohio, everyone always asks me what the big deal is about Philly steaks – if you want to find out, now you can. This is better than Jim’s, better than Gino’s, better than Pat’s, without the line around the block and the 500 mile drive. My sister and I are planning a trip home next month – we *were* going to make a pitstop onto South Street to get cheesesteaks, but now we don’t have to, because we can get them here. All that’s missing is the rack of Tastykakes and Utz Chips (Benny, are you listening?)

If you’d like to go: Benny’s Cheesesteaks, 6495 Perimeter Drive, Dublin,  614.766.1771

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4 thoughts on “Review: Benny’s Cheesesteaks

  1. Red

    I got the BBQ Philly a few weeks ago, and wasn’t that impressed. I’ll have to try the Wiz and see how that is. Advertising “gourmet fries” is a bit much. They looked like Kroger brand crinkle cuts to me.

    I believe I’ll stop by during lunch tomorrow to give it another shot though.

  2. Eryn

    Hello again!

    When I read this, I immediately went and bought a couple of these for me and my sweetie! I have been obsessing over them ever since. They were absolutely delicious, from the texture of the meat to the cheesy goodness to the perfect rolls. My parents are both from Southeast PA, so I know what this stuff is supposed to taste like! The staff were very friendly and helpful. Thanks for the great tip ( I might have forgotten the wid wiz otherwise:)).

    Your pal,


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