Sugar High Friday #29: Raw Chocolate

Sugar High Friday is an event started by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess, and one that has grown in popularity over time. The theme for this month’s Sugar High Friday, hosted by Chocolate in Context, is raw chocolate. I had originally planned on making something with cocoa powder, but as luck has it, I ran across a box of cacao nibs while shopping at Whole Foods yesterday. Unsure of what to do with them, I did a little research online, and found out that they can be used in place of chocolate chips in different recipes.

With that in mind, I found a recipe online for Cacao Nib Drop Cookies. So I made them, and was surprised to see that they came out big and round and perfectly flat (which rarely happens when I make cookies – usually they turn out really puffy, which I don’t really like). The taste is quite like chocolate chip cookies, but with a little bit of crunch – kind of nutty and chocolatey at the same time.


They are quite good on their own, but when I saw Lisa ‘s post today about Jeni’s new butterscotch cocoa nib ice cream…well, I was feeling downright inspired. Here’s the product of my inspiration:


Yes, you’re seeing right – Cacao Nib Ice Cream Sandwich, with Jeni’s Butterscotch and Cocoa Nib ice cream in the middle. Words cannot express how much I love the texture of this – like milk and cookies with crunchy bits.

And speaking of Jeni’s – lookie what I picked up when I went to get the ice cream tonight – her own version of “ice cream sandwich” made with a smoked almond macaron and salty caramel ice cream ($4 at the Grandview store). Drool.


I think Jeni’s ice cream tastes good with just about anything. And it was such a beautiful day today (high of 80) that I just couldn’t resist.

5 thoughts on “Sugar High Friday #29: Raw Chocolate

  1. Laurie

    I see a visit to Columbus coming really soon, the ice cream shop sounds very interesting. I love the macaroon sandwich and with the salty caramel, swoon is right! Your cocoa nib cookies look very good! I will have to find some nibs soon!

  2. Freya

    Your cookies look great – I have to say that, you made the same ones as me!! And, I’m happy to report that mine looked the same! I love the idea of sandwiching them with ice cream though, elevates them from being just cookies to being awesome cookies and ice cream!

  3. Suri

    I saw those nibs in the new Whole Foods in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I wondered what to do with them but now I do… btw, that new WF was outta this world! It was AMAZING! Now mind you, we have a new WF, too, in Fairfax, VA which I thought was a site to behold — floor space is just about the size of a small Costco with at least five sit-down counters (seafood, sushi, cheese, bbq, heat n’ serve), an Asian cuisine buffet that has a section for a whole dinner based on Mario Batali recipes, pizza bar, a HUGE salad bar, coffee bar, AND gelato! The WF in the LES was similar but they made the pizza’s into ovals, had a HUGE candy section with chocolate I’ve never seen before, gelato, and a HUGE dessert section with pies stacked on the wall. WF is really stepping it up these days. Next time I’m in Powell, I’ll have to get over the to Jennie’s and the WF in Dublin just to check it out. Thanks for the cookie idea!

  4. Steven

    I made a cacao nib cookie recipe today that i found on the spice house website. i cooked the recipe at 375 for 10 minutes as instructed, but the cookies are much darker than thought they would be (not burned, but dark). i am wondering if i’ve overcooked them? i think when cookies get too dark they lose some flavor… but at the same time if you want them to be crunchy you almost have to get them dark otherwise the centers stay chewy. thoughts? the recipe i used is here:

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