South Jersey Edition: Crown Market

What better welcome to my hometown than with a cheesesteak? When we arrived to my hotel, my sister’s best friend was nice enough to greet us with this:

What you see here is the best cheesesteak in South Jersey, from a little hole in the wall (in a not so great part of town, no less) called the Crown Market. This picture doesn’t even show half of it, and at $4.50, it is TRULY a bargain (you want spoilt for value, Aidan? – this is it! :)) Packed with meat and fried onions, with a nice wad of gooey American cheese at the bottom…pure heaven, and hasn’t changed a bit in 10 years.

Vineland (my hometown) is definitely way out of the way, but if you’re going to the Jersey shore from the Philadelphia area, take Rte. 55 and make a little pitstop in Vineland. It’s well worth the detour. In addition to cheesesteaks, they have a full variety of subs and other sandwiches and sides.

If you’d like to go: Crown Market, 602 E. Chestnut Ave, Vineland, NJ; 856.691.2654

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