South Jersey Edition: Crown Market

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What better welcome to my hometown than with a cheesesteak? When we arrived to my hotel, my sister’s best friend was nice enough to greet us with this:

What you see here is the best cheesesteak in South Jersey, from a little hole in the wall (in a not so great part of town, no less) called the Crown Market. This picture doesn’t even show half of it, and at $4.50, it is TRULY a bargain (you want spoilt for value, Aidan? – this is it! :)) Packed with meat and fried onions, with a nice wad of gooey American cheese at the bottom…pure heaven, and hasn’t changed a bit in 10 years.

Vineland (my hometown) is definitely way out of the way, but if you’re going to the Jersey shore from the Philadelphia area, take Rte. 55 and make a little pitstop in Vineland. It’s well worth the detour. In addition to cheesesteaks, they have a full variety of subs and other sandwiches and sides.

If you’d like to go: Crown Market, 602 E. Chestnut Ave, Vineland, NJ; 856.691.2654

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  1. veron Says:

    All that luscious meat so perfectly sauteed! Best cheesesteak indeed!

  2. Columbus Foodie » Blog Archive » South Jersey Edition: Main Discount Liquors and Deli Says:

    […] When I asked for cheese steak recommendations, I consistently got two answers – Crown Market (reviewed here) and Main Liquor. While I kind of was already aware of the former, the latter was truly a surprise to me. After driving by and seeing a sign outside that said “Voted Best Cheesesteak in 2005″, I knew I’d have to give it a try. Bear with the limited information, because I’ve misplaced the menu and can’t find an online presence for them. […]

  3. Columbus Foodie » Blog Archive » Vacation Roundup Says:

    […] We finally checked in to the hotel, and then went out driving around for a while (I gave him a mini-tour of East Vineland), and ended up at Crown Market for cheesesteaks. I don’t know if it changed ownership since April (I honestly think it did, based on what they said and who was in there when I went in), but the cheesesteak was very underwhelming this time around (spices were way off, a lot less meat and everything else, the bread overwhelmed the meat and cheese, etc), plus they raised the prices. I don’t think we’ll be going there again. […]

  4. BrenFoero Says:

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  9. JoseEnalp Says:

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  18. WillEmpome Says:

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  19. RobeInjema Says:

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