WCB #97: Boardwalk Cat Edition

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I haven’t participated in Weekend Cat Blogging for a while, since there’s only so many ways I can photograph my own cats before it gets repetitive – “look, here’s a picture of Frankie and Sammy sleeping” and “look, here’s another picture of Frankie and Sammy sleeping”. But while walking around on the boardwalk in Atlantic City yesterday, my sister and I saw the coolest thing – a super friendly kitty that came when we called it, rubbed against our legs, and sucked up and begged to be petted. It was love at first sight – but we didn’t think the airline would be too happy with us showing up with a cat in tow next week, so we gave it some love and went about our merry way.

So we look toward the ocean, and everywhere we look, there are cats, cats, and more cats! Cats in the sand, cats in the reeds, cats under the boardwalk.

While technically feral, many of the cats are super friendly and used to humans, like this one here who let me get close enough to get this picture.


Apparently, Atlantic City has a huge feral cat population, which has been quite controversial to say the least. On one hand, you have a team of volunteers who feed the cats every day, provide them with shelter from the cold in the form of dog igloos lined with straw, and catch and release the cats after spaying or neutering them. On the other hand, you have this group, who thinks the cats are a nuissance that will kill other animals and cause problems. What do I think? I think they’re amazing. So happy and free. All my cats are indoor cats, but if I were a cat, I couldn’t think of anything cooler than living under the boardwalk, having free roam of the beach and being loved on and fed by people who really care about me. And trust me, these cats are WELL taken care of. Like this little guy I spied hiding in the reeds:


In a scene out of Where’s Waldo, how many cats do you spy in this picture??


If you ever get to Atlantic City, go down to the boardwalk and take a look for yourself. I honestly have to say it will be one of the most memorable parts of my trip.

I’m sure there will be a round-up somewhere, but I wasn’t able to find who was hosting WCB this week. Any clues?

ETA: WCB is being hosted this week by Katie of A Byootaful Life – please check the roundup!

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