South Jersey Edition: Giovanni’s Deli

One of my fondest memories as a young girl is walking with my friends to this corner deli to buy the most awesome Italian subs on Earth. We’d save our money to go, and then split one between us because they were so huge and substantial.

Even though 20 years have now passed since those days, Giovanni’s Deli is still alive and kicking, albeit under new ownership. But the subs are still excellent.

Italian Sub from Giovanni's Deli

And cheap, too! $4.05 will buy you a 10-inch Italian sub, on a nice chewy firm roll, with various Italian meats paired with provolone cheese. For an extra $2.75, you can add double meat and cheese, which turns a quick lunch into two meals. I opted for the sub as is, though, minus the hot peppers. What really makes this combination work, though, is what tops it – shredded lettuce and onion, seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano, and drizzled with oil. Simple, but fantastic.

Italian Sub from Giovanni's Deli

In addition to hot and cold subs and sandwiches, they also have salads, appetizers, soup, and homemade pasta and marinara. This is one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” places, but is worth stopping into if you’re passing through that area.

If you’d like to go: Giovanni’s Authentic Italian Deli, 1102 N. East Ave (corner of East Ave. and Oak Rd.), Vineland, NJ, 856.692.0459.

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