South Jersey Edition: Jim’s Lunch

Rather than stay in Vineland today, I took a little trip to Millville, a small town right next to Vineland. While Vineland is very diverse and ethnic, Millville is home to mostly blue-collar working stiffs, most of whom are employed at the city’s glass factories.

Jim’s Lunch is a Millville institution, having been around for over 75 years now. Closed during the summer, people line up in droves during the rest of the year to get their fix. During busy times, there are lines out the door, and a wait for a booth – if you’re in a hurry, opt instead to eat at the counter.

Even though I spent many years living in Millville, I had never gone there for one of their famous burgers. It wasn’t until I saw this review by Brantastic (and her pics are *so* much better than mine ) that I *knew* that this would be something that I had to try, or it would end up haunting me until I got back to this area again). So it was off to Millville this morning through the remnants of the N’oreaster that brought us buckets of rain and even snow (snow?? in April?) last night.


Luckily by the time I got there the lunch rush was over, and there wasn’t much of a wait, as they very efficiently churn out burgers at the grill by the front door. I opted for a pair of cheeseburgers ($2.25 each), with everything. Everything in the Jim’s sense is mustard, onions, and the secret brown sauce (which tastes an awful lot like Cincinnati chili to me – regular beanless chili with some cinnamon and cocoa added in). I could barely contain myself on the drive back to the hotel, as the burgers were burning a hole in the paper sack as the mesmerizing smell filled my rental car.

No sooner did I get in my hotel room than I ripped off the paper and scarfed these burgers down like eating was going out of style. These are FABULOUS. If I still lived here I’d camp out in front of Jim’s every day for these burgers.

But don’t take my word for it – check it out for yourself. In addition to great burgers and weiners, they have just about everything under the sun on the menu, including wonderful daily specials.

If you’d like to go: Jim’s Lunch, 105 East Main Street, Millville, NJ, 856.327.1299

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11 thoughts on “South Jersey Edition: Jim’s Lunch

  1. Cheryl

    You are in my neck of the woods!!! Born in Philly, raised and still living in South Jersey. I haven’t done too much venturing in the Vineland area. But now that I see all of these great places I will have to go there.

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  3. Tom

    I eat at JIm’s lunch all the time but moved to California. I wished I knew what was in their sauce. I crave it all the time and go back to Jims Lunch just for the burgers and cheese steak sandwiches with that GREAT sauce !!!

    People, you don’t know what your missing until you try this !!!!

  4. Bill Dunham

    I'm originally from Millville, but haven't lived there for years. I live here in Pennsville NJ, which is about 36 Miles from Millville. That doesn't stop me from going over to Jim's every once in a while for some burgers. There isn't another place like it and it's worth the trip Bill

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  6. mango

    Sounds as if you were in Millville 30 year ago. Hasn't been a blue collar glass production town for decades. Now has a thriving arts district, motorsports park, world class glass museum, aviation museum. You must have made a beeline for Jim's Lunch and missed everything else.

  7. guest

    I do like the burgers at Jim's, but I never get them. I have to order the open face hot roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes. If you have a real sweet tooth then I highly recommend the bread pudding made out of day old donuts.

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