South Jersey Edition: Main Discount Liquors and Deli

When I asked for cheese steak recommendations, I consistently got two answers – Crown Market (reviewed here) and Main Liquor. While I kind of was already aware of the former, the latter was truly a surprise to me. After driving by and seeing a sign outside that said “Voted Best Cheesesteak in 2005”, I knew I’d have to give it a try. Bear with the limited information, because I’ve misplaced the menu and can’t find an online presence for them.

The location is smack dab in the rear part of a liquor store, and generally has the same clientele and ambiance as the rest of the liquor store; I didn’t see any seating, so this is a takeout operation only. Also, it has fairly limited hours (the deli closes at 7 nearly every night, while the liquor store stays open longer). I went in, and asked for my usual – cheesesteak with fried onions, mayo and ketchup. Preparation was fairly quick, and the price was mostly in line with what I saw elsewhere ($5.25, I believe – for a 12″ cheesesteak, as opposed to $4.50 for a 10″ inch cheesesteak at Crown). What you see here in close-up is only half of the hoagie I received:


My impressions? The flavor was good, and the seasoning was right, but the steak was chopped very, very fine – almost like ground beef, and much finer than I enjoy it; the sandwich itself was very, very greasy, and very, very messy to eat. Good, yes – but not the best. Crown Market still holds that title, hands down. As for me? I think I’m cheeseteaked-out for a while.

If you’d like to go: Main Discount Liquors and Deli, 106 S. Main Rd., Vineland, NJ

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2 thoughts on “South Jersey Edition: Main Discount Liquors and Deli

  1. mooncrazy

    While visiting relatives in New Jersey last fall I fell in love with the cheesesteak. I wish I could remember where they got them but Marlton is a small town about an hour west of Philly and it was only about five minutes from their house. It was sheer heaven on a bun and I won’t try any others for fear of disappointment. Nice pix.

  2. Anonymous

    I used to work in the Main Road Liquor/Deli on the liquor store side. I know for a fact that they fry the cheesesteak meat the day before, then refrigerate it. So what you think is a fresh sandwich is just a re-heated sandwich. I also noticed that the cheesesteak meat comes in 40 Lb. frozen boxes that used to contain pork. A lot of them are stamped "Hatfield." I'm no USDA inspector, but there is something illegal about that. The owners are Chinese and probably get their meat super cheap from New York. They also have several "under the table" workers there. Anyway, I have no idea how they won Best Cheesesteak in Vineland unless people are judging the portion size, because they do give you a big sandwich for the money. Also, they make their kids work 12 hour shifts in the store for no pay.

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