Review: Sushiko

Actually, more like a mini-review – since I plan on going back to enjoy their sit-down menu as well; let’s just consider this a separate review of their take-out sushi.

I’ll be up front with you all. For the most part, I’m pretty meh about sushi. I’ll eat it, with a good dousing of soy sauce, but don’t find it to be, under most circumstances, something I’d go out of my way to get. That is, until I tried Sushiko’s sushi.

My previous experience with sushi has been of the grocery store variety – from horrible (Trader Joe’s stuff is about the worst stuff ever) to almost edible (Whole Foods brown rice crab California rolls and Philly rolls aren’t bad at all with soy sauce). In my past few years of sushi eating, I discovered a few key things.

First, I don’t like the taste of nori. I understand the necessity of it in sushi, but it’s not my thing. Therefore, if I do eat sushi, the nori has to be on the inside, and the rice has to be on the outside. Second, sushi doesn’t improve with age. And unless you’ve just seen it made in front of your eyes, there’s no telling how fresh or not fresh your sushi will be if you’re buying it in a grocery store.

Given those two things, I decided to give Sushiko a try – I’m SO glad I did. The difference between this sushi and grocery store sushi is like night and day! This stuff is as fresh as it gets, and tasty. So much so, that I didn’t use soy sauce AT ALL (it tasted great on its own, and the rice was nice and moist already), and I was able to eat more than 4 pieces (my previous limit for sushi before it got cloying).

My husband and I both have the same favorite roll – the Sunday Morning Special Tempura Roll ($6.95 for 8 pcs) – it consists of salmon, cream cheese, and asparagus, and is deep fried in a tempura batter.


In addition, we also split a Philadelphia roll ($5.95 for 6 pcs), which is smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese. Much tastier than Whole Food’s, in this version the cream cheese is actually creamy rather than thick and gummy, and the smoked salmon adds a nice saltiness that normal salmon doesn’t. We also got a bit adventurous on this trip, and decided to try something outside of our comfort area, and it turned out to be a successful experiment. The Spider roll ($8.95 for 5 pcs) scared us a little bit, because it has masago (roe) on it, and we didn’t know whether we’d enjoy that or not. Masago isn’t fishy, it’s a bit more salty. But definitely tasty, although I don’t know if I’d like it on its own. But paired with the rest of the roll, which included soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, asparagus and spicy mayo, it worked well.


As I said before, we’d like to go back again for a sit down dinner, but this is now one of our favorite takeout spots for when we’re feeling the sushi love.

If you’d like to go: Sushiko, 122 Hutchinson Ave (near the Marcus cinema in the Crosswoods complex off of Rte 23), Columbus, 614.985.6441

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2 thoughts on “Review: Sushiko

  1. Deborah Dowd

    This looks yummy- I love sushi, and these rolls look great! I came to your blog since my daughter will be doing a clinical rotation as part of her nurse anesthesia program at Columbus Childrens in June and she will need to know of places to shop and eat! Columbus looks like it is a place with a lot to offer!

  2. FYI

    Some Sushi restaurants in Columbus offer Soypaper instead of nori. It doesn't have a nori's texture and taste. Give it a shot next time you hit sushi restaurant!

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