Zen Cha Tea Salon

I had an enjoyable (3+ hour!) brunch this weekend with Rosie and Lisa, over at Zen Cha Tea Salon on High Street in the Short North. I’m not much of a tea drinker, so I stuck with a known quantity – bubble tea. This one is green strawberry bubble tea with milk and extra tapioca pearls.


I had never been before, but they have a nice brunch menu on the weekends, with both sweet and savory items. I chose these delectable chocolate waffles:


One of the things we were discussing is having an Ohio food blogger picnic sometime soon. Anyone game?

7 thoughts on “Zen Cha Tea Salon

  1. Linda

    I love bubble tea too. I would go for ten cha shop for it. At home I brew my own bubble tea with teacuppa.com kee mun black tea with milk and pink rose. Missing out the balls, i wonder where I could get instand pearl balls. I have been looking for them for ages.

  2. Daniel

    That sounds like fun. Well since I live in The Short North, if you do another weekend brunch, or something else in my neighborhood I wouldn’t mind meeting some of you finally.

  3. Indochick

    I’m new to food blogging but I’d love to go to a food blogger picnic. Please keep me posted!

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  6. Scott Steiner

    Zen Cha catered my outdoor wedding 6 years ago in Schiller park. All my guest raved about how the refreshing tea added to the perfect summer weather that particular summer. I can't thank Zen Cha for such a wonderful memory on our special day. Zen Cha is one of our favorite place to re-energize and to feel refreshed. I wish you continued success Zen and highly recommend this amazing establishment to everyone in Columbus.

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