South Jersey Edition: Larry’s II

I was in the mood for “traditional” Italian food last night, so after perusing several online menus, I decided to visit a restaurant I had frequented quite often for their fabulous food and salad bar when I lived here over a decade ago; mostly because they were a known quantity (or at least I thought), […]

South Jersey Edition: Downtown Deli

After having lunch at Penalvert’s the other day, everyone told me I had gone to the wrong place – that if I wanted *really* good Puerto Rican food, I’d have to head to center city Vineland and go to the Downtown Deli. In the mood for more Puerto Rican food, and eager to finally get […]

WCB #97: Boardwalk Cat Edition

I haven’t participated in Weekend Cat Blogging for a while, since there’s only so many ways I can photograph my own cats before it gets repetitive – “look, here’s a picture of Frankie and Sammy sleeping” and “look, here’s another picture of Frankie and Sammy sleeping”. But while walking around on the boardwalk in Atlantic […]

South Jersey Edition: Crown Market

What better welcome to my hometown than with a cheesesteak? When we arrived to my hotel, my sister’s best friend was nice enough to greet us with this: What you see here is the best cheesesteak in South Jersey, from a little hole in the wall (in a not so great part of town, no […]

The Next Time I Post…

…it will be from my hometown of Vineland, New Jersey. I’m taking the laptop with me, so expect lots of posts on the food I grew up with and various other Philadelphia-area delicacies. I’ll be posting regularly while I’m gone, but in case something goes wrong with the hotel internet connection, I’ll be back on […]