Open Sesame

Inspired by a look into Sam’s fridge this morning and a challenge to show our own, I’m going to give you a glimpse into my everyday life: a look into my fridge, completely unedited and messy. 😉 In any case, it will give you a good idea of what the interior of my fridge looks like at any given time.


On the top shelf is a bag of spinach from the farmer’s market this past weekend (which I’ll be making tonight), some leftover yellow rice from this past weekend, a package of corn tortillas, sea salt butter from (in the basket with the blue and white paper). In the two stryofoam containers are creamcorn cakes from Tensuke Market (which they use to make Idaho rolls, which they unfortunately were out of, so I got the cakes so I could make them at home). Under the creamcorn cakes is a bowl of leftover wedding soup froM Carfagna’s, and above them is a container with leftover goat cheese, upon which a container of Giant Eagle’s Swiss Appetizer spread is sitting. On the far right is leftover juices from the pernil this past weekend, a mostly gone container of grated Parmesan, and behind that is the ubiquitous orange juice.

The second shelf is pretty messy, but items you’ll find on that shelf is a container of cheap Parmesan, some jelly, a can of cinnamon rolls, some leftover vinaigrette that came with the salads we had the other day from Carfagna’s, a can of lump crab, truffle butter, flatbread, a container of potato salad from City BBQ, British mustard, balsamic dressing, and some sliced provolone cheese.

On the third shelf? A jar of canola mayo from Whole Foods, a container of masago for sushi making, the better part of a pint of banana pudding from City BBQ, leftover rice and beans and lots and lots of eggs. I always have lots and lots of eggs.

On the bottom shelf, a half eaten bag of baby greens/spinach salad mix, a couple of containers of homemade kheer, more rice and beans, and a container of vindaloo from last night’s batch.

In the drawer is a ton of cheese and smoked bacon. Out of the picture completely are a produce drawer, which is filled to the brim, and another overflow door, which is currently storing some cheese, and the fridge door, which has diet pop, milk, more mustard and hot sauce than is necessary, and tons of other condiments.

So fess up, what’s in YOUR fridge?

2 thoughts on “Open Sesame

  1. sam

    it’s catching on! I think i have the same mayo in my fridge too! you couldnt really see it in my picture. thanks fr joining in

  2. Indochick

    Mine is a lot emptier. My roommate and I eat a lot of fruits of which some find themselves being put in the fridge few days after we bought them. Even after a weekly groceries shopping trip, which typically includes meats, fish, veggies, frozen veggies, fruits, eggs, and soymilk, the fridge is hardly full. Sometimes we wished the fridge in our apartment is a bit smaller than the current one. It’s such a space- and power-wasting appliance.

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