Have Fire, Will Grill

At the end of another Saturday of errand running (starting with the Farmer’s Markets early in the morning – more on that tomorrow), I was craving grilly goodness again. And since it was another beautiful weekend, I couldn’t resist.


We’ve finally got it down to a science. No regular charcoal for us – we use the hardwood stuff, which we start in a charcoal chimney. No icky lighter fluid that sends flames high into the sky and makes all your food taste like fuel – this stuff just glows and leaves a great smoky taste on the meat without all of the chemical byproducts. This breaks it down to the least common denominator – grill, wood, and fire.

We threw on a couple of ribeyes from the House of Meats, and a couple of burgers. We topped said burgers with some Guggisberg Baby Swiss (yay Ohio local cheese), some tomato (that actually tastes like tomato) from one of my market purchases, onion and some wonderful red leaf lettuce from Toad Hill Organics. We grilled our pineapple this time using Kitsune27’s method, and the results were amazing. I swear, I could eat this meal (or variations thereof – meat and fruit, or meat and veggies) every day for the rest of the summer.

I’m already looking forward to next week. I’m hoping the weather cooperates. 🙂

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