Strozzapretti Alfredo with Sausage and Veggies

Most of the time I make pasta, it’s an attempt to use up various veggies or meat or other things in my fridge or freezer that need to be used. Because of that, although I use the same basic formula, I end up with a different result each time. With that in mind, I’ll give you the basic steps and suggestions of things to add along the way, along with what I did for this particular dish.


I had purchased quite a few items at last week’s farmers market, which I wanted to use quickly to make room for more items this weekend. What better way than pasta? Especially since I wanted to participate in this week’s Presto Pasta Night event, I’d be able to kill two birds with one stone! Check the link for the roundup every Friday.

I cut up some asparagus, ramps, green garlic as my aromatics, and set them sauteeing in a touch of olive oil. Meanwhile, I chopped up some lardons (double smoked bacon) and took out a pound of Italian sausage, and added both to the veggies to brown. Once brown, I drained the fat, and deglazed the pan with about a cup of white wine, and added enough cream to make the dish creamy, but not swimming in sauce. I allowed the wine-cream mixture to heat up to steaming, and then added enough grated Parmesan cheese to make an alfredo sauce (it will thicken as the cheese melts). I had meant to wilt some spinach into the mix, but completely forgot. I tossed the mixture with some already cooked multi-colored strozzapretti pasta. The result? A creamy, cheesy garlicky pasta dish redolent with yummy fresh seasonal veggies and chunks of sausage.

It’s pretty much the same formula for any type of pasta – you can use whatever meats you like, whatever veggies and aromatics, whatever cheese, whatever you want to deglaze (wine, balsamic, cream, broth, you choose), whatever kind of cheese you want. My best advice is to experiment and taste as you go along. The final product might not always be pretty or photogenic, but it will probably taste great!

6 thoughts on “Strozzapretti Alfredo with Sausage and Veggies

  1. breadchick

    Wow Becke! That looks so good and I love that you used all your veggies from the farmer’s market (ramps! oh how I love ramps). I think the picture is quite lovely.

  2. Ruth

    I too, love pasta as a great base for leftovers and an instant way to truly disguise them. Thanks so much for sharing the process with the Presto Pasta Night gang.

    Hopefully, you’ll share many more with us.

  3. Jamie

    The pic looks great, but where do I find lardons in Columbus? I love lardons when I am in France, but I dont know where to find them here? Im kind of surprised.

    If I can find lardons here, tell me I can find sapsego cheese too…

  4. Cynthia

    Hi Becke, this is my first time here. I love this blog theme.

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, I have returned the courtesty also.

    The pasta dish looks really good and the colourful veggies make it look even more attractive.

  5. myAlfredoSauce

    Alfredo sauce with Strozzapretti is a combination I’ve never tried before. It looks good, I’d probably dump a bunch of cheese on the top too, though. 😀

  6. Alfredo Sauce

    That's a good combination. I loe how creative people are when it comes to making Alfredo recipes. I run a site just on this this topic, too. Maybe you would like to submit such a recipe with picture and I would feature it.


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