Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 5/26/07

I woke up early this morning (didn’t get to sleep until late last night because we were trying to make something and really botched up a whole box of puff pastry…the lesson learned? – when it says “defrost for 2 hours in fridge” – they mean only defrost it for 2 hours, not for 2 days). But I digress. I woke up early after about 4 hours of sleep (if that), glad to see that they predictions for thunderstorms weren’t coming true, and headed out to do my weekly marketing. Game plan for today was to hit the North Market, and then to Clintonville just to go to 2Silos to pick up the guinea hen eggs I requested last week (more about guinea hen eggs in another post).

The day started out beautifully – we hit the ATM at the North Market and headed out front. Not much in the way of veggies this week – some holdout asparagus (I think this is probably the last week for asparagus), tomatoes, greens (spinach was gone by the time I got there at 9:15, boo hiss). But I did get some more lovely strawberries at Rhoads:

And for the first time this season, the appearance of the wonderful shiitake mushrooms from Toby Run Growers:

We also saw some lots of greens at the Elizabeth Telling stand – I can’t identify this particular variety offhand, but they sure look yummy:

And lots and lots of pretty flowers this week, like these begonias peonies (thanks, Candyce – for pointing out my error):

But what honestly motivates me to get up early on Saturday morning? Part of my weekend ritual, a delicious cinnamon roll from Omega. YUM.

By the time we got to Clintonville, it was getting really hot and humid, so we totally decided to forego Worthington because we had everything we needed for the week from the other two markets. While at Clintonville, we picked up a couple more heirloom tomato plants, which we’ll be planting later today. 🙂 Now I’m off to eat my cinnamon roll…

3 thoughts on “Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 5/26/07

  1. Heidi

    New to your blog. Was very excited to see someone from Cols who hits the markets, etc…we’re actually new to that venture, too!

    Anyway, quite jealous of those strawberries. We were there about the same time as you, but hit the inside first and by the time we got back outside, she’d completely sold out at Rhoad’s. Had to hit a farm market on the way back home.

    We did, however, get to enjoy some of Omega’s goodies beforehand. That’s never a bad thing.

  2. Meghan

    Love your blog. When i saw that cinnamon roll yesterday I knew I had to have one. I walked all the way from campus to the North Market, and there were none left! 🙁 Hopefully next time!

  3. Candyce

    I’m new to your blog. I live a bit north of Columbus so I’m familiar with some of your recommendations. I thought you’d like to know the flower you have called a begonia is actually a peony. They are beautiful.

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