Pierogies from Krystyna’s Deli

Just wanted to post a quick picture of yesterday’s lunch – a dozen pan fried (in butter and onion) pierogies from Krystyna’s Deli in Grandview.

I love Krystyna’s – it reminds me of all the places my grandmother used to take me when I was little, places where the food is authentic (and you can’t get more authentic than this for Polish food), places where you could actually have conversations with the shopkeepers, gaining little bits of wisdom along the way. Expect to see a full-length post of Krystyna’s sometime in the near future, for now – this should whet your appetite. 🙂

Want to go and try it yourself first? It’s a bit hard to find – on a side street (Ida Ave) off of Grandview Ave near West Fifth, right behind the Giant Eagle.

8 thoughts on “Pierogies from Krystyna’s Deli

  1. Anne

    Thank you so much for the info on Krystyna’s! I was told that I must go there (I’m a polish girl from Parma Ohio, in serious need of real pierogies) and I had no idea where it was. What a delicious photo!

  2. monkeypox

    hey, I was just there for lunch yesterday, too. for a place that’s so hard to find, it seems to be highly recommended by nearly everyone… myself included.

  3. Kate

    I love Krystyna’s – I go there with my mom and we always enjoy talking to the owner. Their stuffed cabbage is awesome, but I have actually never tried the pierogies. I’ll make that a priority for my next visit! And the hazelnut torte is great for dessert.

  4. Jay

    I just put together a local grandview website with food and drink specials and for some reason this place slipped under my radar I’ll have to check it out!

  5. David Cottrell

    Hi Becke, I’m searching for good and complete instructions to make zur, or as I understand fermented rye, ie rye sour. I have a recipe buy am kinda confused as to how to really use it for zurek – the white Polish Easter soup. Do you by any have a good instruction for this and do you know of a place in or around Columbus where the fermented rye can be purchased ready to use? I’m kinda struggling with a recipe I put up too early I guess on ukraineorphans.net, under the World’s Best Borsch tab. Can’t miss it.

    I think I’m close but not sure – any help?
    Thanks, David

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