Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 6/30/07

I woke up this morning not in the best of moods (too little sleep), and the glut of rude people at the markets today didn’t do much to help my mood (meaning, lines are made for waiting in, not cutting, and lady, I don’t care if your son has a potty emergency or not, if […]

One Local Summer 2007 – Week 1

Yay, it’s that time of year again, and Liz of Pocket Farm has brought back One Local Summer for 2007, and I’m gung ho to get started! To focus on eating local (and I’m defining local as anything from Ohio, since we’re pretty much smack dab in the middle of the state and 100 miles […]

Shortcut Greek Spinach and Feta Pie

When we made pastitsio the other night, I also wanted to make spanakopita as well – in part because the dishes go well together, but also because I had some spinach and feta cheese I had picked up at the weekend farmer’s market that I really wanted to use. But as those of you who […]

Presto Pasta Night #18: Pastitsio

For this week’s Presto Pasta Night, I asked my husband to prepare one of his specialties, a pastitsio that has both a thin and thick bechamel sauce. Although it’s more work than our normal pastitsio recipe (which just uses thick bechamel), the additional time needed to make this particular recipe is worth it, as it […]

SHF: Black Forest Cherry Cake

This month for Sugar High Friday, we were challenged to make our favorite dessert – I find it difficult to pick just one favorite, as my choice would change with the season. My favorite is seasonal, made with the fantastic cherries I picked up at the farmers market this past weekend. I present to you […]

Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 6/23/07

It’s absolutely amazing how something as simple as the changing of spring into summer makes so much of a difference in what produce is available. We were up with the birds this morning (and what a beautiful morning it was – if the weather was like this every day of the year, I’d be a […]

Meet Sweetie

Remember I told you guys about how I signed up for the 2Silos (the web site is down temporarily) “Adopt a Hen” program, where for a set amount (I believe it’s $159 now, don’t quote me on that), you’d get to “adopt” a hen (with naming and visitation rights), get 40 dozen eggs, and a […]

Who Needs a Grill to Barbecue?

One of my guilty TV pleasures is watching the chef competition shows every week – between Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and the Next Food Network Star, I get my fill of watching other people cook. I watch partially to get ideas, and partially out of a sense of schadenfreude (better than them me!). But mostly […]

Triple Berry Shortcake

Another (badly lighted) mostly local dessert – berry shortcake. Strawberries and raspberries from the farmer’s market, along with some blueberries and a little sugar, over top of a couple of chocolate shortcakes that we picked up at Clintonville Farmer’s Market, all topped with some whipped light cream. I can’t get enough berries this year! How […]