I Love My Aerogarden

I am so enamored with my Aerogarden – I’ve honestly got to say its one of the best (and most useful) Christmas presents I’ve ever received. Having done its job well the first go round with herbs, a few weeks ago I decided to start a batch of salad greens. Here’s what it looked like last week, on the 13th, when it was about 1 1/2 weeks from the start:

And here it is yesterday, with just a couple days to go before I can start harvesting it.


What a difference! I have such a black thumb when it comes to indoor plants, but this system is foolproof. Each “kit” has about a 3-4 month lifespan, next up will probably be cherry tomatoes, so I can have tasty tomatoes in the off-season.

BTW, if there’s any question, I’m not getting paid to push this product or anything – its just something I got that I’m really impressed with and felt the need to sing the praises of. :)

7 thoughts on “I Love My Aerogarden

  1. Wow! I have to get me one of them. Look at that thing grow. Becke, I have a black thumb too :(

  2. Another black thumb with dreams of an herb garden checking in. I hope I love *my* areogarden when it arrives in three to four weeks. :)

  3. Infomercials! Where would we be without them?! I have seen this and wondered how they worked- I guess you’ve given me the answer.

  4. Saw one of thes in Seattle Sur La Table store with salad greens growing in it, but yours look far superior to theirs. Looks like a great addition to the gardening gear.

  5. Hi. I work with AeroGrow, manufacturer of the AeroGarden, and would love to discuss your experiences with our product further. Email me if you’re interested. Thanks.

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