Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 6/23/07

It’s absolutely amazing how something as simple as the changing of spring into summer makes so much of a difference in what produce is available.

We were up with the birds this morning (and what a beautiful morning it was – if the weather was like this every day of the year, I’d be a happy camper) and managed to make it to four (yes, four!) markets before noon.

Knowing that this weekend was both ComFest and Pride Weekend in the Short North/Victorian Village area, we wanted to get in and out of the North Market (we didn’t even go inside!) before traffic started to get nightmarish around 9am. So much to be had a the North Market today – I, of course, picked up some more mushrooms (shiitake and oyster combo, yum!) from Toby Run, and some spinach from Just This Farm which will make a lovely spanakopita tomorrow with the feta I got at the Worthington Market.


Wayward Seed Farm had lovely squash blossoms – however, due to last weeks nightmarish outcome, I decided to pass these up this week.


And in the first of my many berry purchases of the day, I picked up both red and black raspberries from Rhoads.


A few more items (cabbage, garlic scapes, grape tomatoes, onions) later, and we were out of the North Market within 20 minutes of arriving.

Next up was Worthington, which we arrived at just at the stroke of nine as the market was opening, and believe it or not, it was already fairly crowded. The items of the day here were berries and more berries. We picked up some lovely sour cherries at $3/pint, and also got some more plus some more raspberries and blueberries across the way at Gillogly Orchard. Also to be had was some ground chuck at Oink Moo Cluck. Too much other stuff to remember (by the time all was said and done, we had an overflowing bag), but here are some of the highlights:

Like these beautiful flowers (I suck at naming flowers, people – anyone have a clue what these are? – I want to say zinnias, but I’m probably wrong) that I passed and admired.


Or this kohlrabi that I completely cleaned the farmer out of (yes, I do love the stuff, thankyouverymuch).


Or this lovely zephyr (my favorite variety, next to eight ball) squash:


Again, a few more items (namely cheese) to round things out, and we were on our way again.

We hit Clintonville for a super-quick stop, where I got some locally milled flour, one of Carletta’s yummy sweet potato pies, and some red velvet cake at Holiday Baking.

Knowing that 2Silos would be at Whole Foods today (and since I needed to make a quick Whole Foods stop anyway), we headed up there as well, and I was surprised by what a vibrant farmers market they had going on there. Lots of other local food producers I had never seen before, including Buckeye Grove Farm Cheese, a local cheesemaker that had varieties that I haven’t seen before locally – an Emmenthaler style (Jersey Emment) and a pungent French Munster. I think they will be at all of the Whole Foods Buckeye Bounty open air markets (the next one is on July 14th), but otherwise you can get their cheeses at both Whole Foods and Katzingers, according to their website.

Well, off to process some of this produce. I’ll probably be making some mixed berry jam, and also a Black Forest Cherry Cake with some of those many sour cherries. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 6/23/07

  1. Christa

    You’re correct about the flowers; they’re zinnias. I picked up some kohlrabi from our farmers’ market here in DC last weekend. It was the first time I tried kohlrabi and I loved it!!

  2. Cynthia

    Aw come on Becke, I thought that you’d give the squash blossoms another go espeically since you already know what you need to do to adjust the recipe. They are not going to be around till next season you know 🙂

  3. kathryn

    What a wonderful shopping trip. Here in Australia, we’re just heading into winter, so it’s oranges, apples, bananas and pears for us at the moment – definitely no beautiful berries. Mind you, we are also getting beautiful rhubarb.

    I haven’t actually cooked kohlrabi before, so I’m really interested to know how you use it.

  4. Sarah

    Kohlrabi is great. We put it in our mashed potatoes. yum.
    I have been disappointed in Clintonville’s Farmer’s Market this year -just now getting some produce. Where is all the basil?? I’m needing some pesto.

    thanks for the tip on Whole Foods but with so many markets so close on Saturday mornings, I doubt we will ever get over there.

    What else are you doing with your berries?

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