Meet Sweetie

Remember I told you guys about how I signed up for the 2Silos (the web site is down temporarily) “Adopt a Hen” program, where for a set amount (I believe it’s $159 now, don’t quote me on that), you’d get to “adopt” a hen (with naming and visitation rights), get 40 dozen eggs, and a 5 lb. bucket of compost?


Well, I’d like to introduce Sweetie, an Americauna hen who follows Denise (2Silos owner) around all day, who I had the pleasure of meeting today in the parking lot of Whole Foods during their open air market. Isn’t she cute? I think Sweetie is a fitting name.

If I didn’t have all the deed restrictions I do (and if I lived in a more remote part of town rather than in a subdivision), I’d SO be buying one of her city chicken kits to raise my own birds – I never realized chickens were so endearing. Not to mention all the yummy eggs.

Stay tuned for future installments in the continuing adventures of Sweetie.

2 thoughts on “Meet Sweetie

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  2. sara

    WOAH!!!! I have been beggign Ryan to build me a hen hosue, but this is way better, less building, less danger of “feeding the wildlife” as Ryan says (meaning the foxes and coyote will get in). I wish we had this in the bay area.

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