Daring Baker? More Like Procrastinating Baker!

For those of you stopping by to see my Daring Baker self make a beautiful batch of bagels, I’m sorry to disappoint. I just plum forgot.

I didn’t occur to me until I saw Lisa’s DB post today that it was that time of the month! (Or that it was, in fact, this late in the month, LOL) – here I’ve been walking around the past week thinking that it was like June 21st right now, and that I’d have time this upcoming weekend to make the bagels.

Unfortunately, I feel really crappy right now (I have good days and bad days, and I overworked myself this past weekend and am paying for it now), so the earliest I’m going to be able to try this recipe is on Sunday (because I can’t do the kneading on my own, between the arthritis and the carpal tunnel syndrome I’d be in misery by the end of the day), once I’ve sufficiently recovered from last weekend and the first day my darling husband will be off of work and able to help (technically, he’s not working Saturday either, but you all know I spend nearly all day going to the farmers market and running errands).

So consider this a placeholderĀ – I’m not shirking my Daring Baker duties, just gonna be a little bit late, that’s all…

6 thoughts on “Daring Baker? More Like Procrastinating Baker!

  1. Jenny

    Yes, health first, bagels second! And people with carpel tunnel and arthritis are allowed to use a mixer for their bagels! Just hope yours is bigger than mine, since mine could not handle a full batch of the dough!
    Take care!

  2. baking soda

    Take care Becke, make sure you feel good first before tackling any other things. And if you do feel like making bagels, please use the mixer. Don’t be silly to think you need to knead…no way!

  3. Amanda

    I hope you’re okay.
    I checked yesterday for the bagels and found your great Greek recipes which is wonderful as we’re learning about Greek food this week in our house, but then I also checked out your ‘What’s in the pantry?’ Oh my goodness! I thought I was bad, but your pantry – well it’s just awesome!
    Be well.

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