Jam Worth Waiting For

This story is a few months in the making. Back in January, David Lebovitz raved on his blog about this fantastic apricot jam. Not just any apricot jam, mind you – this jam was so special that it was made in super limited quantities from a tree in someone’s backyard. So rare that you have […]

Blogging by Mail: My Favorite Things

UPS just dropped off the coolest Blogging by Mail package ever, coming from Dhana of Fresh Kitchen. Outstanding, and I absolutely love everything in the package (as did my husband). In the package were straws of flavored honey from her local farmer’s market (we can’t wait to try these, probably in a cup of tea […]

One Local Summer 2007 – Week 5

We skipped out on the farmer’s markets this morning, as we still had tons of produce from the last couple of weeks to use up. For Week 5 of One Local Summer, I was going to make stuffed peppers, but since the oven was tied up with baking today, I opted to make a stuffed […]

Goat Cheese Tomato Balsamic Crostini

Made these to go with dinner tonight, as an appetizer to munch on while we’re cooking: I spread some local to Ohio Great Lakes Creamery soft goat cheese on some Dare brand crispy french style baguette pieces, and then topped them with tiny tomatoes, basil ribbons, Blaze balsamic glaze and French sea salt. My husband […]

One Local Summer 2007 – Week 4

For Week 4 of One Local Summer, the centerpiece of my dish is once again sweet corn. I can’t help it, I just can’t get enough when it’s in season! But to temper the badness of last week’s coronary on¬†a plate, this week I decided to do a Cooking Light corn chowder. It’s almost all […]

Heart of the Matter #5: Waterlife

We (more like my husband, who has been doing a lot of the cooking lately) made this dish for the Heart of the Matter: Waterlife event, hosted by Ilva of Lucullian Delights. For this event, we were¬†challenged to come up with a dish that uses fish in a heart healthy matter. According to WebMD, salmon […]

Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 7/21/07

We still had a bunch of produce left from last week, and since I needed very few things (and wasn’t feeling too hot), I decided to send my husband out to the farmer’s market alone yesterday, with the promise that he’d take pictures. So very little commentary this week, just some pics of what’s available […]

Bacon Fried Rice

This recipe is an old standby for us, a regular in our household ever since my mother showed me her recipe a few years ago. We’ve made a few small changes (like use short grain rice instead of long grain, adding mushrooms, etc) but the spirit of the dish is still there. This is a […]